Plásticos Badorch SL is a family run company that was founded in Catalonia in the 1970s. Working in manufacturing plastic products, our facilities are located in an industrial area in Piera, in the province of Barcelona, known as La Fàbrica Nova (or The New Factory).

Our facilities have an area of 4500 square metres, where over 1000 m of this is devoted to industrial production warehouses. We have a team of 14 people who are completely dedicated to the company, and four of them are family members who ran the company in their day.

We have serial production for the liquid packaging and bottling industry. The majority of our business is centred on the sectors of mineral water, wine and oil, and we produce pieces with different weights and compositions.

The fact that we have a large number of machines, comprised of 14 injection presses, gives us great flexibility and an excellent reaction capacity. We are ready to supply our products anywhere in the world, guaranteeing the highest level production quality and top service that our customers fully deserve.